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Concrete Cart Paths

Why golf courses around the country trust D.H.R. Construction for their renovation projects:
D.H.R. is a leader in the installation of quality, durable concrete cart paths. By offering competitive pricing as well as outstanding quality and service, we offer the best value in concrete cart path construction available.
Concrete pathways are economical; They are placed quickly, have long service life, and are virtually maintenance free. With many proven methods, D.H.R. has the knowledge and experience to complete your pathway installation in a professional manner with minimal down time.

•  Durability
A properly constructed concrete cart path system will last with little or no maintenance for decades. Concrete can be easily edged whereas asphalt edges will crumble making edging difficult. Asphalt paths begin deteriorating after only a few years of installation.
Asphalt paths also require annual sealing and periodic resurfacing whereas concrete paths don't.
The worst enemy of asphalt is water, and a golf course gets a lot of water! Water accelerates the deterioration of asphalt as the oils get washed away. Concrete on the other hand is not affected by water.

•  Slip-Resistant
Properly finished concrete cart paths are designed to be slip resistant. Asphalt can be slick and slippery. We offer a variety of different slip-resistant finishes to accommodate each golf course's specific need.

•  Variety in Color and Finish
Concrete allows you to personalize and individualize your cart path system. A wide variety of pigments can be integrated into the concrete mix for colored cart paths. In addition, we offer a variety of finishes and textures to give your cart paths a distinguished look.

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